Program Objectives

The overall objective is to lower the incidence of malnutrition, avert excess mortality due to malnutrition and promote better nutritional status among populations in the affected areas.

Specific Objectives

  • Initiate and facilitate intensive SFPs, including community-based nutrition actions, to the access of nutritionally vulnerable populations to emergency nutrition response.
  • Promote appropriate infant and young child feeding practices.
  • To increase access and support to community based preventive IYCF services
  • Improve knowledge, expand access and utilization to quality nutritional services for better population health outcomes.
  • Improve nutritional status of vulnerable mother and children through Supplementary Feeding (SFP) and outpatient therapeutic program (OTP), provision of knowledge   and expand access to utilization of quality Nutritional services.
  • Increase access to quality nutrition treatment programme for severe and moderate acute malnutrition integrated at health centers and communities using CMAM approach