Better Health Care Organization (BHECO) is nonprofit and non-sectarian Humanitarian and Development Organization incorporated in South Sudan in 2015 with South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) with registration Number 640.

BHECO is formed by young and dynamic Humanitarian and development professionals who volunteered to contribute enormously to address the needs of the vulnerable people. BHECO thrives in forming a local partnership and collaboration with the local communities, governments, Donors in humanitarian and development for sustainable Development.

BHECO is working closely with the national and state ministries, County authorities to support Rural and urban poor communities across the Country to address the real needs and build Local community to jointly identify and address the underlying causes of poor humanitarian and development services to steer change.

Since inception, BHECO has successful implemented projects in cooperation with the locals, other international partners and Government entity. These projects benefited a large number of the most vulnerable communities in South Sudan. It created credibility, good-track- record, close collaboration with the all stakeholders; local authorities, communities and donors.

BHECO strategic program focus on 8 areas of: 1) Health, 2) Nutrition, 3) Food Security and Livelihood, 4) Protection, 5) Gender Based Violence(GBV),6) Water and Sanitations (WATSAN) and 7) Psychosocial and 8) Community Centered Innovation and Research and Development.

BHECO put emphasis on local capacity resilience, strengthening hazard mapping and risk analysis and development of multi-pronged approaches at all level of interventions.